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Honourable Minister Asaduzzaman Khan, MP,
Ministry of Home Affairs
Bangladesh Secretariat


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Your Excellency,


I am writing you as a person who is also in his own country concerned with the respect of Human Rights. Please allow me to express my great concern about the case of

returning migrant workers


I am very concerned by the repeated arrests of returning migrant workers in Bangladesh. The arbitrary detention of 32 returning migrant workers from Syria on 28 September 2020 takes the number of such detentions of migrants to at least 370 since July this year.


In each case, the police accused them of “tarnishing the image of the country” by engaging in criminal activities abroad. Dhaka’s magistrate court has granted a police request to detain the workers until the police can determine their offence, even without requiring any specific allegation or evidence against them.


The arrest and detention of these workers in the absence of any credible evidence of any criminal activity committed on Bangladeshi territory violate Bangladesh’s commitment to international human rights law including Article 9 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights which prohibits arbitrary arrest or detention and protects everyone’s right to liberty.


I urge your government to either immediately charge each of the workers with a recognizable criminal offence under Bangladeshi law whilst ensuring the necessary due process or release them in line with your government’s obligations under international human rights law.


Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter. I am kindly awaiting your reply.


Yours sincerely and respectfully,


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The Netherlands



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