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Ambassade van Sudan
Franklin Rooseveltlaan 124
1050 Brussel


Heerhugowaard, datum


Dear Ambassador,


I am writing You as a person who is also in his own country concerned with the respect of Human Rights. Please allow me to draw your attention to the case of



Magai Matiop Ngong was just 15 years old when convicted of murdering his cousin and sentenced to death by hanging. He told the judge that his cousin’s death was an accident, after a warning shot had ricocheted off the ground and unfortunately killed him.


The use of the death penalty against people like Magai Matiop Ngong is strictly prohibited by Section 21(2) of the Transitional Constitution of the Republic of South Sudan, 2011 and under the Convention on the Rights of a Child, to which South Sudan is a party.


I therefore urge you to reverse Magai Matiop Ngong’s death sentence.


Thank you for your attention in this very important matter I am kindly awaiting your reply.


Yours sincerely and respectfully,


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The Netherlands



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